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Welcome to 5280 Motor Company!

One experience for every customer. Seem simple? That’s because it is. Our promises to you:
  • We believe there is a better simpler way to buy a car with our personable team we want it to be about the vehicle you are interested in, not us.
  • No sales managers. No one in a “tower” or behind closed doors. The adviser you deal with will be with you from beginning to end. Never again hear: “Let me check with my manager”.
  • No hassle pricing is listed on every vehicle which includes our dealer handling cost. We check our inventory against the market to offer competitive pricing.
  • No hidden fees. The quoted price is what you pay (of course, we cannot help taxes and the government fees associated with the purchase of a vehicle).
  • We take the time to have all of our vehicles inspected and repaired by an independent mechanic, if they do not pass inspection or are too costly to repair we do not offer them for sale. This allows us to offer our powertrain promise of 3-month / 3,000-mile with confidence on most vehicles in stock.
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